Branch 13

Serving the Greater Sacramento Area

             Membership Application

             Branch 13, EDGE&TA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and display of early day farm, logging and construction machinery.  We welcome anyone who is interested to join.  There are five Gas-Ups (shows), a swap meet and a potluck dinner each year.  The dues are $30.00 per year for principal members and $22.00 per year for auxiliary and junior members.  Spouses and children (12-18 years old) may become auxiliary members.  For insurance purposes, you must be a member if you are present inside any display area or if you are operating any machinery, whether or not it is in an enclosed display area.  The membership period is from April 15 to the following April 15.  The Chugger, Branch 13 newsletter, is sent to principal members three times a year.  It contains reports of past events, calendar of upcoming events, letters, ads and club information.  A newsletter only subscription, with no membership privileges is available for $12 per year.  If you are a member of another EDGE&TA Branch you may join Branch 13 with full membership privileges for $18 per year along with proof of membership (i.e. photocopy of other membership card).  To become a member please sign below, complete the reverse side and return to the Membership Director.  Make checks payable to EDGE&TA Branch 13.

             I agree to abide by the By-laws and Safety Guidelines of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, Branch 13 and any information on the opposite side of this application that may be printed in the Branch 13 Membership Directory.


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